Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Behind the Design: Pomegranate

Our house on Sifnos had a pomegranate tree in the garden - alongside a few massive fig trees and a small grove of olives. The tree did bear pomegranates but, with days upon weeks upon months passing without rain, the fruit dried and split.

Here's something cool I learned later on:

The pomegranate is "not simply an exotic fruit, but may also have been thought to have magical powers. For even when its skin dries up completely, the fruit does not deteriorate with the passage of time, but remains juicy. This quality, combined with the countless number of seeds, and the red color of the juice, which recalls blood, has made the pomegranate a symbol of abundance, life and death, from ancient times to present day." (From Akrotiri on Thera: The excavation of a buried city by Christos Doumas).

Next, I want to do a two color print with the skin of the fruit split and the seeds spilling out. Soon.

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