Thursday, April 30, 2009

Liberty Bell Hawk

On the sad occasion of attending my Uncle Michael’s funeral in Philadelphia last year, I had a magical encounter with this hawk.

After visiting The Liberty Bell and while waiting for Peter in the park, this incredible hawk, The Liberty Bell Hawk, landed on a bench within 10 feet of where I stood. He posed. I spent 15 minutes sitting with this hawk and photographing him. He is beautiful, majestic, and observant.

The Liberty Bell Hawk brought a message to assure me that Uncle Mike is at peace and watching over me, protecting me just as he did when he was alive.

Since we began selling this design in our Etsy shop, many people have written about similar encounters with hawks surrounding the death of loved ones. We are so lucky to have these avian companions to help us cope with loss.

This design is dedicated to the memory of my uncle, Michael Andrew Schulcz. He is greatly missed.